Tech Assistance & Facilities

General-use equipment and specialised services are available to the ICGEB research groups and to Member States. These include resources for cell culture and manipulation; instrumentation for advanced optical microscopy; for advanced protein research and proteomics; a clean-room laboratory for the manufacturing of recombinant pharmaceuticals; a BL3 safety laboratory for handling class 3 pathogens ; an AAV vector-producing facility occupying a negative-pressurised room with air-locked security; a computer facility dedicated to genomics and biotechnology, allowing access to the most important biological databases and supporting data retrieval and analysis, and a high-throughput facility for whole-genome siRNA and small molecule screen-based on high content microscopy analysis.

Scientists from Member States can access our laboratories and equipment, and the support of our highly qualified international staff. Depending on the research project, they can come to conduct specific experiments or to work for short periods in our facilities.

We can provide on-the-job specialised training and practical experience of the procedures, protocols and processes used at ICGEB, and can collaborate on developing and adapting these for the specific requirements of our Member States.

ICGEB is also offering a manuscript editorial service, which is unique amongst international Organisations.


  • HighThroughput Screening, including high-content microscopy (assistance with design and implementation of high throughput screens)
  • Flow-cytometry(assistance and training in the use of FACS and cell sorting)
  • Bioinformatics assistance
    Proteomic analyses
  • Microscopy (assistance and training in the use of a range of microscopy techniques and sample preparation)
  • Peptidesynthesis
    NMR (assistance with all aspects of structural projects)
  • Regulatory Science (assistance in identification, regulation, management and monitoring of GMO products)
  • Biosimilars (production and development processes)
  • Bioexperimentation Facility
  • Biofertilisers I (identification of appropriate organisms)
  • Biofertilisers II (development of strains and field trials)
    Advocacy for regulators and policy-makers
  • Bioremediation (assistance with specific projects, including protocol development)
  • Scientific and editorial advice on manuscripts and grants

New Delhi

  • TACF Facility (Tuberculosis Aerosol Challenge Facility (TACF)
  • NMR Facility (500 MHz Bruker AVANCE NEO 4-channel NMR spectrometer equipped with 5 mm TCI Cryoprobe)
  • TEMFacility (High precision microtome with an advanced anti-vibration system)
  • CrystallographyFacility
    LiquidHandling & Robotic Colony Picker Instruments
    LC-MS/MSand GC-MS Facility
  • Fermentation Facility
  • Microscopy Facility (Advanced optical microscopy, including confocal and SIM microscopes outfitted for live cell imaging)
  • MassSpectrometer Facility (A high resolution hybrid Orbitrap LC-MS/MS instrument
  • Bioexperimentation Facility
  • Cell Culture Facility (cell microinjection and flow cytometry)
  • Flow Cytometer with three lasers (BD FACS Verse cytometer)
  • High Content Microscopy Imaging System (Image X press Nano System)
  • Bioinformatic Tools

For further information
If your Company or Institute is interested in collaborative services and technical assistance and training in biotechnology facilities, please contact:
Dr. Lawrence Banks, ICGEB Director-General
Email: [email protected]