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Lawrence banks at the HLPF 2022

From the Director-General

This month ICGEB Director-General, Dr. Lawrence Banks writes on his recent participation in the UN ECOSOC High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in New York and other initiatives championing for Basic Research.

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Arturo Falaschi Conferences return to Trieste

The most recent edition of the Arturo Falaschi Conference was a great success, providing the opportunity for major experts from around the world to meet and discuss latest findings on DNA replication and maintenance.

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EMPOWER fellows’ stories – Najneen Rejwana

Najneen Rejwana is from Bangladesh. She is one of the fellows awarded with the EMPOWER project of UNOSSC. She visited Trieste from the New Delhi ICGEB component, on the occasion of the Arturo Falaschi conference in July. Here is her story.

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