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From the Director-General

As 2020 drew to a close, the amazing job by all of our colleagues in this incredibly challenging year was striking. ICGEB had continued to be active both scientifically and institutionally – acting as a beacon for Member States throughout this period.

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STDF project grants aim to strengthen SPS capacity in developing countries, in line with the beneficiary's priorities. STDF projects aim to address key food safety, animal and/or plant health issues that affect the ability of developing countries to gain and/or maintain market access.

STDF Funding for ICGEB Cape Town

The ICGEB Biopesticides Group headed by Dennis Ndolo, is the lead implementing partner for a project funded by the Standards and Trade Development Facility.

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Video-Based Training

The Biotech Development Unit has designed an online training module on the production process from the cell to the purified Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. Access this rich eLearning platform.

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