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Massimiliano Fedriga and Lawrence Banks

Lawrence Banks from ICGEB Headquarters, Italy

The ICGEB is an integral part of the Italy and Trieste System. It is grateful for the support provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which spans over 30 years and for establishing a major international Organisation in the sphere of research and biotechnology with a global reach. The ICGEB is a perfect example of Scientific Diplomacy, reflecting the effective interaction between Government and Science.

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ICGEB India Symposium #ISIN2019

The ICGEB Symposium is an annual, festive event intended to demonstrate and promote the current research activities of students and scientists working in different disciplines of modern biology at ICGEB New Delhi.

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ICGEB exploring potential collaborations with Human Technopole

On 15 October 2019, Iain Mattaj, Director, Fondazione Human Technopole, Milan, was at ICGEB Trieste to present a seminar and to pursue discussions, together with Maria Grazia Magro, Head of Strategy and Scientific Affairs, with the ICGEB Management Team to explore synergies and possibilities for joint, future collaboration.

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Italy and the ICGEB

Minister Fabrizio Nicoletti, Principal Director, Innovation and Research of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Italy, Appointed Governor to the ICGEB for Italy, was in Trieste in October: an occasion to mark the strong relationship with the Organisation’s prime supporter. The following is from his address at the 2019 Board of Governors.

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