AVU Core Facility

The AVU (AAV Vector Unit) is a Core Facility for the production and characterization of viral vectors based on the Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV), a small and defective human parvovirus.

The characteristics of recombinant AAV vectors, including the non-pathogenicity, the low immunogenicity and the capacity to transduce quiescent cells, render them suitable for gene therapy applications and for the analysis of the phenotypes induced by in vivo gene delivery. In particular, rAAV vectors are precious tools for the safe and long-lasting transgene expression in permissive tissues such as brain, retina, heart, skeletal muscle and vascular wall.

At the AVU, research-grade high titer AAV vectors are produced according to recently developed protocols that allow a sound standard of purity and ensure sterility and reproducibility of the preparations, suitable for small animal experimentation.

During the past 5 years, AAV vectors produced by the AVU Facility have been extensively used by the Molecular Medicine Laboratory at ICGEB Trieste as well as by different Italian and foreign collaborators.

The AVU acts as a National Core Facility for AAV vector production for the Italian Telethon Research Community (operational from April 15, 2005)

Contact: Lorena Zentilin