Cookies and Privacy

The ICGEB is committed to protecting your personal information. We want our website to be a safe and enjoyable environment for the research community worldwide. In line with this objective, and in line with the EU Directives on data protection and the regulation of the Italian Data Protection Authority, this page wishes to inform the ICGEB web users about the use of cookies done by the ICGEB servers.

Types of cookies

Cookies are a technical mechanism, consisting in small text files, that store information provided by the user, at its first access. When the browser accesses again the same server, the cookie (with the stored information) is sent back by the browser to the server, to make the contained information available to it (a detailed definition can be found on wikipedia).

A cookie can be removed explicitly (with the tools provided by the browser) or automatically when the connection is closed, as an alternative a cookie can remain stored in a browser for the created expire time that can range from seconds to years. 

At the beginning, the cookies (Technical cookies) were used to store session information regarding the specific site (storing user details, passwords, form data, language and date format, preferred time-zone…, etc.) and for improving the fruition of the services there hosted.

Then websites started to use them (Profiling cookies) to track users, collecting their preferencies and profiling their habits. The profiles so built are mainly (but not only) used to send customized advertising messages.

Depending on the destination of the information contained in the cookie they can be furthermore classified as:

First party cookies
The information contained in the cookies are sent from a server (beloging to an internet domain) to the browser and then the browser will send this information back to the same server (or to a different server, but always, belonging to the same domain).

Third party cookies
The information contained in the cookies are sent from the one server (in a domain) to the browser, and the contained information are then made available to a different server (in a different domain from which it came from).

Cookies used by the ICGEB website

ICGEB website generates “first party technical cookies”

ICGEB website hosts social network links that generate “third party cookies”

Third party cookies

Following is the list of the cookies policy for the social networks linked inside our website:

Browser cookies management

It possible to manage the cookies acquired by the browser and/or configuring the browser to accept or otherwise reject cookies coming from servers belonging to a specific internet domain. Each internet browser has tools for doing so. Following is the list of cookies informative regarding most used browsers:

Privacy and Personal Data

As an intergovernmental organisation, ICGEB recognises the importance of setting out a basic framework for the processing of “personal data”, which are defined as all information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“data subject”), by, or on behalf of, the ICGEB in implementing its mandate.

What data are collected?

Personal data

ICGEB usually collects and/or processes the following personal data: name(s) and surname(s); place and date of birth; nationality; postal address, phone numbers, e-mail address.

ICGEB does not collect personal information unless such information is voluntarily disclosed through applying to one of ICGEB’s programmes/positions. ICGEB will treat personal data collected as confidential at all times.

For given meetings and events organised by ICGEB, participants may be asked to provide their credit card details. These are transferred to a secure online payment service provider hosted outside ICGEB, and details of the credit card are not retained by ICGEB. 

Non-personal data

In general, the ICGEB website does not retain any personal information. The only information gathered during general browsing refers to standard server logs, such as IP (Internet Protocol) address, browser type and operating system, and records of the pages visited and the dates and times of those visits. Such information is used for internal purposes only and is treated confidentially.

What do we do with your data?

The vast majority of data is stored in the ICGEB databases and is processed directly by ICGEB staff members for the purposes indicated and specified in the forms requesting the data.

Personal data are retained for the period deemed strictly necessary to fulfil such purposes.

ICGEB does not sell, distribute or rent personal information collected and received by any means. Only for a few services, ICGEB relies on online service providers, such as cloud hosting services, online surveys, donations, and electronic payment solutions. 

ICGEB will only use personal information for the purpose for which it was disclosed, and will only transmit it to third Parties – such as partner Universities or research centres – where such transmission falls within the purpose for which the data were voluntary disclosed, or if it is related to the provisions of services from ICGEB. 

In the case of fellowships, meetings and events, some personal data might be shared with third countries or other international organisations that may be located outside the European Union. Given the potential data protection risks involved in these types of transfers, ICGEB shall pay special attention to the following principles before transferring the data:

  • ascertain that the transfer is needed and legitimate;
  • ascertain that the personal data to be transferred are proportionate, authorised and necessary in relation to the purpose(s) for which they are being transferred;
  • ensure that the data subject is informed;
  • ensure the third party respects the confidentiality of personal data transferred and guarantees that measures are in place to ensure security of the transferred data. 

Know your rights

Please find below, the list of rights you have regarding the data that you have provided:

  • Right to withdraw consent (you have the right to change your mind and withdraw consent to the collection of personal data);
  • Right of information (you have the right to be informed about the data collected and processed);
  • Right of access (you have the right to know what data has been collected about you and how such data has been processed);
  • Right of rectification (you have the right to make changes to inaccurate data or to update your data);
  • Right to be forgotten (you have the right to withdraw your consent and to request the deletion of your personal data);
  • Right to object (you have the right to object to the processing of personal data on grounds relating to your particular situation).

At any time, you can access, delete, review, or correct your data or exercise your rights by contacting us at Residual data may remain within the ICGEB database and other records, which may or may not contain personal data you have provided.  However, please note that in some cases, deletion of personal data may affect the availability or correct functioning of a particular ICGEB feature or service.