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ICGEB’s training programmes represent an exciting opportunity to interact with people all over the world in state-of-the-art scientific environments and in all the top scientific institutes. Youth, essential to nurturing a brighter and more equitable future, constitutes the backbone of the ICGEB’s training programmes that have been operating for over three decades across the world.

Several hundred new ICGEB fellows yearly constitute an ICGEB Alumni body of over 3500 individuals from more than 60 countries around the globe, with an estimated 750 PhD awardees among them. We aim to consolidate the Alumni Association, through the Alumni Registry (available in a password-restricted Alumni area upon request to the members), which includes updated information on almost 1800 Alumni. An Alumni Newsletter was launched in November 2022.

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The ICGEB Alumni Secretariat is continuing work on strengthening this networking community, to develop training, cultural initiatives and expertise involving ICGEB Alumni. Dedicated ICGEB Alumni groups are active on the major social networks, encouraging exchanges, interaction and Alumni initiatives.

We campaign for ICGEB Alumni for Girls in STEM and strive to strengthen this networking community, to develop training, cultural initiatives, and expertise involving ICGEB graduates. Through the support and ideas of its members and the proactive collaboration of the ICGEB, the Alumni will thrive and continue to advance biotechnology activities in academic institutes, companies, and industries where it is most needed.

Join the ICGEB Alumni Groups on major social networks, and add the hashtag #ICGEBalumni when you post! We publish testimonials from our Fellows across the globe predominantly on these platforms. To keep updated on our Seminars, topics and speaker information please sign up for our Newsletter.

The ICGEB Alumni Map is a visualization of the Alumni network which showcases where our Alumni currently work. The map indicates institutes/universities/companies in countries across the world and is updated regularly.

More information on the Alumni, including contact details, are available in the ICGEB Alumni Network Registry, in the reserved area below. This Registry is made available exclusively to the Members of the ICGEB Alumni network who have shared their contact details for the purpose of strengthening cooperation amongst the ICGEB Alumni.

Where are our ICGEB Alumni today?

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“My PhD training at ICGEB exposed me to a dynamic and collaborative scientific environment, where I learned from respected researchers with various backgrounds and expertise, putting me in the position to grow as a scientist. In addition to my training, I had the pleasure of joining the ICGEB outreach team where I was able to promote the subject of science to the broader community, and also a great occasion to build connections with people and share my passion for science. Being part of the ICGEB community requires hard work, passion and commitment, but it’s absolutely worth it.”

2014 Arturo Falaschi PhD fellowship recipient Consuelo Torrini, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA

“ICGEB had an enormous impact on my career. It provided an international environment rich in experimental skills and ideas, leadership training and science diplomacy. Today I have a network of collaborations that have been developed through the ICGEB, following the rules of respect and excellence learned in Trieste.”

2006 Arturo Falaschi PhD fellowship recipient Zulma Suares, Director, R&D, VECOL S.A., Bogota, Colombia

ICGEB New Delhi

ICGEB Alumni Meet in Delhi

ICGEB is celebrating 35 years of operation! ICGEB has contributed immensely in imparting knowledge to the developing world with the critical mass of well-trained researchers across diverse areas of science.
ICGEB PhD students in Trieste, Italy for EU Youth Goals

October – month of European Youth Goals

ICGEB celebrates the month of the European Youth Goals with stories about fellows from its Member States in Europe who work at the Trieste headquarters.
Lida Carolina Lesmes Rodriguez is an EMPOWER Fellowship awardee from Colombia, at ICGEB Cape Town

Meet new ICGEB project fellows

We are following up the arrival of new ICGEB Fellows with stories that are regularly posted across our social media and via multimedia. Here we present some of the new faces on campus.

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