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ICGEB’s training programmes represent an exciting opportunity to interact with people all over the world in state-of-the-art scientific environments and in all the top scientific institutes. Youth, essential to nurturing a brighter and more equitable future, constitutes the backbone of the ICGEB’s training programmes that have been operating for over three decades across the world.

ICGEB has an alumni network of over 3000 individuals from more than 60 countries around the globe, with 700 PhD awardees among them.

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We strive to strengthen this networking community, to develop training, cultural initiatives, and expertise involving ICGEB graduates. Through the support and ideas of its members and the proactive collaboration of the ICGEB, the Alumni will thrive and continue to advance biotechnology activities in academic institutes, companies, and industries where it is most needed.

Zulma Suares, Director, R&D, VECOL S.A., Bogota, Colombia: “ICGEB had an enormous impact on my career. It provided an
an international environment rich in experimental skills and ideas, leadership training and science diplomacy. Today I have a network of collaborations that have been developed through the ICGEB, following the rules of respect and excellence learned in Triest

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Débora MARTINS MARTINEZ is a receipient of an ICGEB SMART Post-doc 

Mobility: Brazil to Uruguay – Lab. de Sintese Orgânica Limpa-LASOL, Univ. Federal de Pelotas, Pelotas/RS, Brazil – SMART Post-doc level

Host Institute: Centro de Investigaciones Biomédicas (CEINBIO), Montevideo Host Supervisor: Prof. Rafael Radi

The development of a research project at one of the most important research groups in Biochemistry and RedoxProcess of South of America (i.e., CEINBIO, Montevideo), was an amazing experience. The period of my training abroad was important to consolidate a strong collaboration and improve my scientific skills, especially in biochemistry. The  mobility  from  Brazil  to Uruguay for a year (2016/17) was an “opening doors process”.

Project title: Oxidative process neutralization in membrane model systems: development and evaluation of lipophilic antioxidant analogues

Both countries have a great potential to be explored forcollaboration among researchers. Prof. Radi is an incredible supervisor, who, together with his colleagues, supported me on the development of my project. We have shared knowledge and common experiences, essential for improving professional and personal growth.  Being  part of CEINBIO research group, through ICGEB, was fundamental to my career.

Collaboration programmes like this are key for human and scientific development, and are instrumental for a positive change in our society.

ICGEB Alumni Unite

The ICGEB has reached out to more than 1700 of its graduates over recent weeks and the feedback has been overwhelming.

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