Our Alumni

ICGEB’s training programmes represent an exciting opportunity to interact with people all over the world in state-of-the-art scientific environments and in all the top scientific institutes. Youth, essential to nurturing a brighter and more equitable future, constitutes the backbone of the ICGEB’s training programmes that have been operating for over three decades across the world.

Several hundred new ICGEB fellows yearly constitute an ICGEB Alumni body of well over 2000 individuals from more than 60 countries around the globe, with an estimated 750 PhD awardees among them.

The ICGEB is working to strengthen this networking community, to develop training, cultural initiatives and expertise involving ICGEB Alumni. Dedicated ICGEB Alumni groups are active on the major social networks, encouraging exchanges, interaction and Alumni initiatives.

We welcome all alumni to join the ICGEB Alumni Groups. To keep updated on our Seminars, topics and speaker information please sign up for our Newsletter.

The ICGEB Alumni Map is a visualization of the Alumni network which showcases where our Alumni currently work. The map indicates institutes/universities/companies in countries across the world and is updated twice a year.

Activities which can be proposed and organised by Alumni include:

  • get-togethers and reunions for peers or alumni local to you (around the globe), which help alumni re-connect with the ICGEB and share their memories
  • professional networking based around a scientific discipline, which help alumni make new connections and progress in their careers
  • talks, seminars or lectures which enable alumni to learn, explore scientific subject matter for which the ICGEB is renowned and spread news of the institute’s research and reputation
  • events based around a common interest such as a student society, which allow alumni to share their expertise, explore a hobby or interest, and strengthen the ICGEB’s community.

Focus on youth: NYU Abu Dhabi students join ICGEB

Celebrating South Africa’s Youth month, ICGEB Cape Town was delighted to welcome students from the New York University, Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) who are doing internships at the South African Component.

For further information:
Alumni Secretariat
Email: [email protected]