What we do

The International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology ICGEB is an Intergovernmental Organisation and its operations are aligned to those of the United Nations Common System. It operates as a Centre of excellence for Research, Training and Technology Transfer to industry to promote sustainable global development. 

The ICGEB is unique in pursuing these goals through an approach that also involves advanced experimental research in its own laboratories in Trieste, Italy, New Delhi, India and Cape Town, South Africa. It provides a scientific environment of top international standard for advanced research and education and for the development of biotechnology products for over 60 Member States.

Partnering with other Multilateral Organizations, disseminating information related to biosafety, bioethics and other issues across the globe, championing outreach and public engagement to promote scientific information and improve quality of life.

Science: Our Research

The main instruments of action of the Organisation are:

ICGEB 2016 trieste

Advanced Education through PhD and Postdoc Fellowships

ICGEB Meetings and Courses

International Scientific Meetings  and Courses 

Over shoulder portrait of young Middle-Eastern scientist looking at data charts while working on medical research in laboratory

Competitive Grants for scientists in Member States 

Professional female chemist researcher carrying out scientific research in a lab

Technology Transfer to industry for the production of biotherapeutics and diagnostics