Infectious Diseases


The Molecular Virology (Marcello) and the Vector Borne Disease Group (Sunil) investigate the molecular characteristics of different arboviruses, including Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika and Tick-Borne encephalitis Viruses. They are involved in the development of novel antiviral strategies and diagnostic tools for efficacious deployment in resource limited settings and in point of care formats. ICGEB Delhi (Chandele) runs a joint program with the Emory University, Atlanta, USA to understand human immunity to infectious disease for improving vaccine design.


The Molecular Virology Group in Trieste has made important advances in studies on Covid-19. The laboratory has also worked on advancing our understanding of the innate cellular response to Flavivirus infection. These results have important implications for our understanding of viral pathogenesis and to develop novel antiviral drugs. The Vector Borne Diseases Group in Delhi identified a mosquito microRNA that regulates Chikungunya replication (Dubey et al PLOS NTD 2019) while the ICGEB Emory Vaccine Program Group investigated the immunological correlates of Dengue infected patients in India (Gunisetty et al Int J Infect Dis 2019). The Virology – Emerging Viruses Group in Cape Town focuses primarily on oncogenic viruses relevant in the Sub-Saharan African context, an area that is additionally burdened by an HIV/AIDS epidemic of massive proportions.