Medical Biotechnology

Translational Health

The Translational Health Group in New Delhi focuses on the generation of genetically engineered biomolecules of medical interest. This activity has included the development of novel recombinant designer proteins to be used in low-cost, high-sensitivity diagnostic assays for HCV, HBV, HIV, dengue viruses and for celiac disease, to be transferred to biotech industries for production and distribution in several countries in Asia. The same Group is also currently interested in developing an experimental, tetravalent subunit vaccine in yeast against dengue virus infection. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the research target of the Translational Health Group (Nanda) in New Delhi, which aims at identifying molecular signatures of infection in the biological fluids and breath of patients with TB. 


The Group has made great strides in generating a novel dengue virus vaccine based on a tetravalent virus-like particle. In a very important development, they showed efficient protection in a pre-clinical model (Ramasamy et al., 2018, PLoS Negl. Trop. Dis. 12, e0006191), thereby opening the way for the start of clinical trials.