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BIOTECHNET events held in Djibouti

In Djibouti, approximately 100 participants attended BIOTECHNET project events focusing on the enhancement of research capacities in the field of Life Sciences in Djibouti and Ethiopia.

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Dr. Lawrence Banks with Minister Jelena Begovic

ICGEB mission to Serbia

During a recent trip to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development in ICGEB Member State Serbia, the Director-General, Dr. Lawrence Banks, met with newly elected Minister for Science, Innovation and Technological Development, Jelena Begović.

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Margaret Otukile, HR Officer at ICGEB

Human Resources at ICGEB

Margaret Otukile recently joined ICGEB as Head of Human Resources, at HQ in Trieste, Italy. Her vision is to promote a culture of high performance, personal development and continuous learning across the Organisation.

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Lawrence Banks rejoices with the international Fellows at ICGEB Cape Town during his visit this summer

Summer roundup by the DG

With research highlights, testimonials and feature stories from Headquarters in Italy, happenings in South Africa and Scientific Meetings in India.

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Lida Carolina Lesmes Rodriguez is an EMPOWER Fellowship awardee from Colombia, at ICGEB Cape Town

Meet the new ICGEB project fellows

We are following up the arrival of new ICGEB Fellows with stories that are regularly posted across our social media and via multimedia. Here we present some of the new faces on campus.

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