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ICGEB mission to Argentina and Peru

The Director-General, Lawrence Banks and a delegation from ICGEB Headquarters in Trieste, Italy visited partner institutes in Member States Argentina and Peru in March, 2022.

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Mauro Giacca

Regenerating a damaged heart can become a reality

March 18, 2022 – Heqet Therapeutics, a King’s College London biotech spin-out active in the field of regenerative medicine, announces the closing of a €8m Series A financing round, to advance its RNA-based therapeutic program for cardiac regeneration.

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Latest Scientific Publications

A brief look at some of ICGEB’s recent, top research articles published thus far in 2022, with a commentary by Vittorio Venturi, Scientific Coordinator and Group Leader, Bacteriology.

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From the Director-General

As international networking resumed, delegations from ICGEB HQ have been to India to consolidate renewed collaboration and expansion, to the Middle East, and, this week, will be in Member States in South America.

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ICGEB scientists for World Rare Diseases Day

World Rare Disease Day: 28 February

ICGEB celebrates its Scientists and their research into Rare Diseases to raise awareness and generate change for the 300 million people worldwide living with a rare disease.

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