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ICGEB’s Host Agreement with South Africa

ICGEB Cape Town was officially established in 2008. In July 2019, the Host Agreement with the Government of South Africa was signed, thereby renewing the commitment and expression of continuing support for bilateral (with Italy) and international relations with the ICGEB.

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Estonia 2019

ICGEB Director-General’s exploratory visit to Estonia

Scientific collaboration has led to a visit by the ICGEB Director-General, Lawrence Banks, to Tallinn, Estonia and opened discussions with the Ministry, the private sector and scientific institutes for possible membership in the Organisation.

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Science Diplomacy: the intrinsic soft power of science

Science has no borders. ICGEB Chief, External Relations, Marianna Maculan was in Rome this week for the Diplomacy Festival to present the way in which the ICGEB promotes the intrinsic soft power of science to foster dialogue and collaborations amongst countries.

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21ST Telethon Relay to take place on 30 Nov 2019

ICGEB for Telethon

Emanuele Buratti, Molecular Pathology, collaborates on the Telethon project SPLICESCREENPD: for splicing-modifying factors for late onset Pompe Disease. On Saturday, 30 November, the 21st edition of the Telethon Relay, promoting Telethon research, will take place in Udine, FVG Region, Italy. (Read more)

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Emanuele Buratti Elena Cattaneo Senato Roma

ICGEB for AIMFT at the Italian Senate

Member of the Italian Association for Frontotemporal Disease AIMFT, Emanuele Buratti, Molecular Pathology Group Leader, met with Prof. Elena Cattaneo, Italian Senator for Life, at the Palazzo Giustiniani in Rome this week.

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