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ICGEB New Delhi at World Biofuel Day

On World Biofuel day, 10 August 2018, Shashi Kumar, Group Leader, Metabolic Engineering lab at ICGEB New Delhi, and a group 30 colleagues who work in the field at the ICGEB attended the events at the Science Auditorium in Delhi, to interact with Indian Government Ministers and hear the address by Indian Prime Minister Modi in person.

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PNAS QnAs with Rafael Radi – Unbound Medicine

Rafael Radi, Director of the Dept. of Biochemistry at the University of the Republic of Uruguay has been serving as Member of the ICGEB Council of Scientific Advisers since 2010. Read the interview published in PNAS on his work on free radicals, oxidants and reduction/oxidation pathways in biomedicine. 

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All eyes on Trieste: ICGEB at ESOF2020

Trieste, Italy: European City of Science, will host the EuroScience Open Forum, originally scheduled from 4 to 10 July, 2020, the event is now due to take place between 2-6 September 2020. The biennial pan-European meeting is dedicated to research and innovation – and the discovery of future directions in science.

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