ICGEB-JRC Workshop on Genome Editing

19-22 November 2019, Trieste, Italy

“Genome editing” is booming in molecular biology laboratories. It is not a new field, but new powerful and less costly genome editing tools have led to an explosion of new research opportunities and potential clinical applications, both heritable and non-heritable, to address a wide range of human health issues. Many stakeholder groups are debating this issue, and recognizing the promise and the concerns related to this technology, ICGEB proposes this initiative to provide a learning platform and a forum for discussion on genome editing and related technologies, with particular focus on scientific and regulatory considerations. In collaboration with JRC, the event will provide consultancy on the regulatory, ethical and societal challenges driven by the technology and its applications. ICGEB/JRC also intend to provide guidance to scientists working in their Member States by providing practical skills and appropriate contacts to facilitate the access to this technology.