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Lida Carolina Lesmes Rodriguez is an EMPOWER Fellowship awardee from Colombia, at ICGEB Cape Town

Meet the new ICGEB project fellows

We are following up the arrival of new ICGEB Fellows with stories that are regularly posted across our social media and via multimedia. Here we present some of the new faces on campus.

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Florencia Paoloni, Head of Meetings and Courses at ICGEB, at the Arturo Falaschi Conference, July 2022

The new face of ICGEB Meetings

ICGEB has been providing excellent opportunities to the international scientific community for direct interaction with leaders of internationally recognised science since 1988. In March this year, Florencia Paoloni, formerly of IILA, came on board as Head of the Unit.

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Lawrence banks at the HLPF 2022

From the Director-General

This month ICGEB Director-General, Dr. Lawrence Banks writes on his recent participation in the UN ECOSOC High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in New York and other initiatives championing for Basic Research.

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Arturo Falaschi Conferences return to Trieste

The most recent edition of the Arturo Falaschi Conference was a great success, providing the opportunity for major experts from around the world to meet and discuss latest findings on DNA replication and maintenance.

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