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Zacchigna Lab latest findings in Cardiovascular Research

Serena Zacchigna, her team from the Cardiovascular Biology lab at ICGEB and collaborators have published their latest findings in the European Society of Cardiology, Oxford Academic Journal, Cardiovascular Research.

Tracing genetic lineage, the paper reveals that the potential of cardiac endothelial cells to form and develop blood vessels is poor. Further, they conclude in their findings that the poor angiogenic potential of the heart is associated with reduced tumor angiogenesis and the growth of cancer cells.

This work provides some mechanisms behind the poor angiogenic capacity of the heart and paves the way to future strategies for the therapy of both cancer and cardiac ischemia.

The article is available in open source in pdf. Congratulations to Tea Kocijan, PhD in the Cardiovascular Biology lab on her first-author paper!

Further Reading:

Cardiovascular Research
T. Kocijan, M. Rehman, A. Colliva, E. Groppa, M. Leban, S. Vodret, N.Volf, G. Zucca, A. Cappelletto, G.M. Piperno, L. Zentilin, M. Giacca, F. Benvenuti, Z. Bin, R. Adams, S. Zacchigna. 30 Jan 2020. Genetic lineage tracing reveals poor angiogenic potential of cardiac endothelial cells

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