Who are our best Ambassadors?

Dr. Cristina Guerra-Giraldez, ICGEB Appointed Governor from Peru, Associate Professor, at the Faculty of Sciences and Philosophy, “Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia” in Lima, recently presented the ICGEB and its activities at a high-level event held in Tumbes, on the Peruvian – Ecuadorian border.

Taking a more proactive role in extolling the benefits of membership, Dr. Guerra-Giraldez demonstrates that ICGEB’s Governors are also our best Ambassadors, increasing the visibility of the ICGEB across their own region and, thereby, the participation by young scientists and students in its initiatives for learning and capacity building in biotechnology.

Each of ICGEB’s Governors represents a Member State of the organisation and are invited to attend the annual Board of Governors session. They are called upon to approve and determine the general policies and instruments of action of the ICGEB as well as to review its activities. 

Watch Cristina Guerra-Giraldez in Tumbes on the ICGEB YouTube playlist

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