Wenbin Guo

The James Hutton Institute, UK

3D RNA-seq: a powerful and flexible tool for rapid and accurate differential expression and alternative splicing analysis of RNA-seq data for biologists”

Host: M. Barelle

Analysis of gene expression is essential to understanding complex molecular and

cellular processes, diagnostics in human disease, enhanced agricultural practices,

and a better understanding of environmental impacts (pollution; biodiversity). RNA

Sequencing (RNA-seq) is a pivotal tool in analysing gene expression and alternative

splicing but a significant bottleneck exists in the analysis of RNA-seq due to cost,

access to skilled bioinformaticians, outdated methodologies, and lengthy analysis


We have developed tools to analyse RNA-sequencing data. In particular, the 3D RNA-

seq App performs a fully comprehensive analysis identifying differentially expressed

genes and transcripts, differentially alternatively spliced genes, differential transcript

usage and isoform switching. A user-friendly interface allows researchers without

bioinformatics knowledge to perform professional RNA-seq analysis in only two

hours. The App currently has over 11,000 users globally.


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