New Groups at ICGEB Trieste

Welcome new Scientific Faculty members

Three new Groups have recently been established at the ICGEB. We are delighted to introduce these passionate, young scientists who have joined our scientific faculty.

Dr. Nyaradzo Chigorimbo Tsikawa has joined ICGEB to head the Infectious Diseases Group in Cape Town, South Africa. A former University of Cape Town Fellow, Dr. Chigorimbo Tsikawa obtained her PhD from UCT. The research interests of her Group, include host-virus interactions, innate immunity, Myeloid cells, HIV-1 susceptibility, acquisition, immunology and antivirals.

The Group is also passionate about making scientific knowledge accessible to the public and participates in various activities engaging our local communities with scientific information using various media.

In Trieste, Dr. Giovanni Sorrentino has established the Advanced Disease Models Lab, which works on stem cells, metabolic liver diseases, cancer, obesity, bioengineering, drug repositioning, tissue regeneration and organoids.

He obtained his PhD from the University of Trieste, where he is also currently Assistant Professor of Histology, Department of Medical, Surgical and Health Sciences.

Dr. Jenny Molloy (below left), Group Leader of Biomanufacturing at ICGEB Trieste, Italy, also joined the Faculty in 2023, connecting her work as Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, UK, to develop open source tools and technologies for distriubed biomanufacturing.