Ved Prakash Dwivedi is awarded the INSA Associate Fellowship

ICGEB New Delhi Group Leader, Dr. Ved Prakash Dwivedi, Immunobiology Group Leader, ICGEB New Delhi, has been awarded the Indian Academy of Sciences Associate Fellowship 2023 for his contributions to the field of immunology of tuberculosis.

Awarded the Fellowship for having “demonstrated focused and productive research experience on Tuberculosis dedicated to immunopathology,” Dr. Dwivedi’s research focuses on cellular immune response and the associated interleukin and cytokine pathways, epigenomics, novel drug development (Th cell inhibitors and phytocompound-Bergenin), therapeutics (host inhibition of Sirtuin 2- a class III histone deacetylase enzyme), and vaccine design (identification of novel miRNA, which identifies a unique host evasion response, identification of novel BCG vaccine adjuvants).

His research attempts to curtail and eventually eliminate the high disease burden of Tuberculosis in India.

Author on an extensive number of publications on the subject, Dr. Dwivedi was found to “demonstrate exemplary leadership skills”, having set up his own immunology training unit at ICGEB.

Dr. Dwivedi has received several national and international awards, and is the recipient of numerous research grants. In 2023, he was selected for membership in the National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI).