6×60 minutes of science

Brought to you by ICGEB Trieste,

April – May, 2015

The initiative of the ICGEB Trieste, with the patronage of the Trieste Municipality, media partnership of the local newspaper Il Piccolo, and the support of the  Rotary Club, ICGEB brings science to the city in a series of six public appointments with leading international experts in biomedical research.

AIDS, news from the front; new medicines, new hopes in research. The Fountain of eternal youth; as life span extends, is it possible to remain forever young? The proof is in the DNA; certainties and myseteries: the use of DNA in legal medicine and forensic science; stem cells; dementia, the new epidemic, DNA and genetic testing..

These are a few of the main questions addressed during each 60 minute event that took place live at the Revoltella Museum, with two experts in the field and open discussion moderated by a journalist, to illustrate the state of the art in research and the main issues involved in these topics. All events are conducted in Italian. Admission is free.

Trieste Science & the City 3, funded by the FVG Region, will be hosted by the city of Trieste in April-May 2016.

Movies of these events are freely distributed via the ICGEB podcast programme on the Web site, on iTunes U, and on YouTube page of the Centre, thanks also to funding obtained through the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research and the FVG Region.