The ICGEB scientists who feature among the top 100,000

In a recent publication in  Plos Biology  updating the databases of standardised citation metrics across all scientists and scientific disciplines, we report that 4 ICGEB researchers have been cited among the top 100,000.

There is great interest in the Mendeley databases of standardised citation metrics, recently updated using citations from Scopus (the international scientific database) in October 2020, and assessing scientists for career-long citation impact up until the end of, and during, 2019.

Mendeley has mapped the 100,000 top-scientists in any discipline, including the social sciences from among 7 million researchers from Universities and research institutes around the globe, in 22 scientific areas and 176 fields. From ICGEB four names are included: Narendra Tuteja (from New Delhi), Emanuele Buratti, Mauro Giacca, and Vittorio Venturi from Trieste. Taking into account the citations during 2019, two additional scientists are included: Renu Tuteja (New Delhi) and Lawrence Banks (Trieste).

The article is considered to be a good standardised metric.

I dati sono presentati in due diverse tabelle che prendono in esame l’impatto scientifico della ricerca in base all’ultimo anno di riferimento oppure per la durata dell’intera carriera del ricercatore.  

Scientific Article:

Ioannidis, J.P.A., Boyack, K.W., Baas, J. 2020. Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators. Plos Biol 18, doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.3000918

The data is available on the files named Table-S7 and S6-singleyr-2019.xlsx that can be downloaded from the database at:

whence the information of the nominated ICGEB researchers has been compiled.

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