PfLPL3: A critical lysophospholipase at host-parasite interface - published in Cell Reports, Vol. 42, Issue 4, 2023

Publication Highlights

ICGEB’s Principal Investigators author a large number of papers in high-impact scientific journals each year. We regularly cite recent publications, and this month also consider the value and recognition obtained through citation metrics by our researchers.

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Graphical abstrct: Mutant p53 induces serine/glycine synthesis and essential amino acids intake sustaining a metabolic adaptive response that promotes breast cancer growth.

Latest in Science

Publications and funding: an overview of some of the high-impact scientific papers published by ICGEB PIs in scientific journals this last quarter, and grants received, focusing on studies in Health.

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Seminars 2023

ICGEB turns 40

On the cusp of the ICGEB’s 40th anniversary, Lawrence Banks was on location for major events at ICGEB New Delhi, including the handover of the Directorship of the Indian Component by Dr. Dinakar Salunke to Prof. Ramesh V. Sonti.

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