Deledda school visit SUSGRAPE

Students visit ICGEB as part of Interreg SUSGRAPE EU Regionally funded project

Researchers from the Bacteriology Lab, hosted students from the Technical Institute “Grazie Deledda” in Trieste, Italy, for a half-day workshop exploring the political, economic and scientific aspects of the Interreg Italia-Slovenija SUStainable GRAPEvine EU project, partnered by the lab.

The Interreg SUSGRAPE project brings together partners from research institutes and small-medium enterprises to develop cross-border networks in the viticulture industry.

The Bacteriology lab, headed by Vittorio Venturi, works to promote eco-innovation processes for a more efficient use of natural resources and principally for the reduction of chemical products in agriculture.

The SUSGRAPE project, funded by Interreg Italia-Slovenia includes workshops to increase the visibility of the project and its mechanisms to promote sustainable viticulture, integrating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in handling vines and through laboratory research on the grapevine’s microbiome.