Short-Term Postdoc Fellowships Form


The data provided by completing this application form, including your personal data (i.e. name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address) will be transferred and/or disclosed (when applicable) to the University in which you will be registered and/or to other non commercial parties for the sole purpose of completing the application process. The disclosure of this data is voluntary. If technically feasible and where reasonable, data, although stored in ICGEB database for statistical purposes, may be used without disclosing personal information or by use of anonymised data or
aliases.  Your data will be handled according to principles of lawfulness, fairness and transparency, and ICGEB will process them only for the purposes for which they were requested.

By submitting this form you hereby authorize and consent to us processing (including disclosing) your personal data and any updates of your information to the University and/or to other non commercial parties, for the purposes indicated above. If you do not consent or subsequently withdraw your consent to the processing and disclosure of your personal data, ICGEB will not be able to fulfill its obligations, or to contact you, or to assist you in respect of the purposes indicated above. However you can withdraw your consent by writing an email to: 
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