Scientific mission by Lawrence Banks to Romania

An ICGEB Member State since 1995, the Director-General visited Romania this week to consolidate strategies for future collaboration.

He was hosted by Carmen Socaciu, Member of the ICGEB Council of Scientific Advisers, of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca; ICGEB Appointed Governor, Manuela Elisabeta Sidoroff, Director General, National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences, and ICGEB Scientific Liaison Officer, Anca Oancea, National institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences, Bucharest (also the ICGEB Affiliated Centre).

Benefits from membership in the ICGEB include organising and participating in our international Meetings and Courses worldwide, Fellowship and Grant progammes, and scientific collaboration, particularly in the Central and Eastern European context, as well as belonging to a vast network of excellence across the globe to address sustainable development.

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The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirms the unique relationship between Italy and Romania. “Italians and Romanians are united by a historical friendship nurtured by numerous similarities such as the strong resemblance between our languages that have always helped forge strong political, cultural and economic relations”.