Emanuele Buratti, Scientific Coordinator of ICGEB, visitied Taizhou China Medical City and the the ICGEB China Regional Research Centre in June 2024. For the occasion he delivered a talk on biologics and diagnostics at ICGEB Trieste at the 2024 ICGEB Symposium on Precision Diagnostics and Biologics Innovation.

New Scientific Coordinator at ICGEB

Dr. Emanuele Buratti is the incoming Scientific Coordinator to promote the work of the ICGEB and stimulate its mission across the Member States.

With over 45 research labs on 3 Continents, coordinating synergies in infectious and non-communicable diseases, medical, plant, and industrial biotechnology, scientific coordination promotes the work of the ICGEB and stimulates its mission across the Member countries.

Dr. Emanuele Buratti, Head of Molecular Pathology at ICGEB is the incoming Scientific Coordinator of ICGEB. He has been associated with the Organisation since 1995 and Group Leader since 2013.

His research interests concern RNA-protein interactions, defective RNA processing, neurodegeneration, and Genetic disease caused by defective splicing. He is President of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Association for Frontotemporal Disease (AIMFT) and is a staunch team player, also managing the premises and safety roles of the Trieste Component in recent years.


Dr. Vittorio Venturi served as Scientific Coordinator of the ICGEB from November 2019 to June 2024. Recently appointed Professor at the African Genome Center of the University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P) in Ben Guerir, near Marrakech, Morocco, he will continue to work on plant-associated bacteria and sustainable agriculture focusing on Africa.

Group Leader of the Bacteriology lab at ICGEB Trieste since 1998, his research interests are cell-cell signaling in bacterial communities of plant-associated bacteria and plant microbiome, and the development of microbial pro- and pre-biotic products for more sustainable agriculture in developing countries.

Dr. Venturi will continue his research association with ICGEB and his new position will allow him to build bridges between ICGEB and Africa in this particularly challenging time for the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2, Zero Hunger.