Medical Biotechnology

Applied research and product development in the field of biotechnology is central to the core mission of the ICGEB. This is in parallel with the growing international perception that biotechnology can offer practical and sustainable solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Two Groups, one in Trieste and one in New Delhi, have multiple interests in the biomedical field and are developing their research in close collaboration with industries in the ICGEB Member States.

Closeup of a pipette dropping green sample into a test tube on grey background

Biotherapeutic Products

At the ICGEB Trieste, the Biotechnology Development Unit (Skoko) focuses on the development of technologies for the production of biopharmaceuticals. The aim is to increase know-how and capabilities of pharmaceutical industries in ICGEB Member States by transferring lab and pilot scale technologies for the production and quality control of off-patent recombinant proteins.

Recombinant Diagnostic and Vaccines

The Recombinant Gene Products Group in New Delhi (Khanna) focuses on the generation of genetically engineered biomolecules of medical interest.