Science Diplomacy: the intrinsic soft power of science

Science has no borders. ICGEB Chief, External Relations, Marianna Maculan was in Rome this week for the Diplomacy Festival to present the way in which the ICGEB promotes the intrinsic soft power of science to foster dialogue and collaborations amongst countries.

The event, on the opening day of the Festival, was entitled: “Scientific Diplomacy: Large infrastructures for big challenges and discussed the diplomatic impact of global research infrastructure, such as the ICGEB.

The speakers included Ambassador Soni from South Africa, Ambassador Zazo from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Presidents of ENEA and of INFN, and representatives of CERN and IILA.

As its primary donor and founding Host Country, the ICGEB acknowledges the support and vision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the field of international scientific cooperation and development.

Further information on the activities of the ICGEB for global development is available across our site. See our Member States, our Ministerial and Scientific contacts in Member and other Signatory Countries, and our scientific collaboration projects and partners.