Workshop “Hands on Training on multiple SARS-CoV-2 detection methods and further Application of sequencing and associated bioinformatics tools”

24 – 28 July 2023, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

The ICGEB aims at strengthening the research capability of its Members through a comprehensive training programme and approach to promoting biotechnology internationally. The active participation of ICGEB Member States nationals in the ICGEB Meetings and Courses is therefore highly encouraged.


Molalegne Bitew (Bio and Emerging Technology Institute, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia)

Deadline for receipt of applications:
9 May 2023

The workshop will cover cutting edge genomic approaches for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 and MTB. The training is mainly focuses to train scientists and professionals working in the eastern Africa region where these facilities are very limited. It is hands on training on DNA and RNA detection, NGS sequencing and associated bioinformatics.


DNA and RNA extraction; qPCR and RT-LAMP detection of the extracted nucleic acid; Viral and bacterial Omics; Hands on training on SARS-CoV-2 and MTB sequencing using illumina sequencer platform; Bioinformatics like QC of NGS data; Genome Assembly and alignment; Variant identification for SARS-CoV-2; Drug resistance detection for MTB.


Applicants need to be professionals working at the government Health Systems, Universities, Research Institutes of the east Africa region. Chances for two applicants from Djibouti will be given. Equal opportunity will be given to any of the citizens in the east Africa region. If there are many applicants in one country academic merit will be one of the selection criteria. Applicants with their prior study of Virology, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Laboratory medicine are most preferred. Female applicants will be encouraged.


The Workshop will cover travel and lodging for participants coming from eastern Africa region, who are ICGEB Member States nationals residing outside of Ethiopia, working or studying on these pathogens. Very limited funding will be available to cover transportation and lodging for local participates coming outside Addis Ababa.

The BIOTECHNET project is funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation

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