S. Leelavathi

Group Leader, Plant Transformation
International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg
110 067 New Delhi, India
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +91-11-26741358 ext. 361


VSM College, Ramachandrapuram, India, BSc, 1976
ASD College, Kakinada, India, BSc, 1978
CCS University, Meerut, India, MSc in Botany, 1980       
CCS University, Meerut, India, MPhil in Botany, 1881
Bose Institute, University of Calcutta, India, PhD, 1988

Career History

Since 1999, Staff Research Scientist, Plant Transformation, International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), New Delhi, India
1997-1999, Visiting Scientist, ICGEB New Delhi
1991-1996, Micropropagation of Ornamental Plants Startup Company
1988 -1991, Postdoctoral Fellow (CSIR) ICGEB, New Delhi
1986 -1988, Senior Research Fellow (CSIR) Bose Institute, Calcutta
1982 – 1986, Junior Research Fellow and SRF, Bose Institute, Calcutta

Scientific Activity

Present interest is to understand the role of non-AUG start codons in regulating   f chloroplast gene expression (manuscript under preparation). Another on-going activity is the effect of plant development when starch accumulation is controlled through over expression of amylase directly in chloroplasts, as the plant development is linked with starch accumulation during photosynthesis. Amylase expressing plants are unable to grow normally with white leaves except in culture bottles having MS medium. Studies with Electron microscopy showed the lack of proper thylakoid formation and chloroplasts are devoid of starch bodies  (manuscript under preparation). Further, systematic studies are going on to standardize and define cocktails of enzymes and their amounts to depolymerise various complex biomasses such as corn, wheat and rice straws to release maximum amount of sugars.

In case of basic understanding of submergence tolerance in Northeast rice cultivars, transcriptome of submerged and control plants are being analyzed and compared to identify differentially expressed genes. I am also interested in understanding the role of non-sub 1 pathway, if any, in the submergence tolerance in these rice cultivars. For this purpose we plan to down-regulate SNORKEL1/2 gene expression through  transgenic approach in the plants that are  over expressing sub1A1 gene with the expectation that such double transgenic plants will be submergence tolerant under deep-water without much elongation of internodes. In the cotton improvement program, progeny (T1 plants) of transgenic plants expressing different Bt. Genes are being evaluated for the insect resistance. Preliminary results showed that transgenic cotton expressing VIP and Cry1Ac plants providing very good resistance against Spodoptera and Helicoverpa, respectively.  

Selected publications

Nguyen, V, C., Nguyen, V, K., Singh, C, H., Devi, G, S., Reddy, V, S., Leelavathi, S. 2017. Fast recovery of transgenic submergence tolerant rice cultivars of North-East India by early co-cultivation of Agrobacterium with pre-cultured callus. Plant Molecular Biology  and Biotechnology, 23:115-123

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