ICGEB is part of eduroam (education roaming), the world wide federation developed to grant the international research and education communities an easy and secure way to get internet connectivity.

Eduroam allows researchers, students and staff to gain wireless internet connectivity, when visiting other scientific institutions that are eduroam members. It is possible to connect to eduroam using the same credentials used in your home institution – everywhere.

Eduroam logo

ICGEB connects to eduroam through the GARR Consortium, which coordinates the service in Italy. All eduroam users should connect to the wireless SSID: “eduroam”.

To configure the connection to eduroam, ICGEB users should access intranet Computer Unit FAQ pages.

As with eduroam, users accessing ICGEB network resources must adhere to the Acceptable User Policy (AUP) in the GARR AUP. The ICGEB network is protected by a rather strict firewall, “eduroam” users should check for the available ports, as listed below:

DNSUDP port 53 (domain)
FTPTCP port 21 (ftp)
HTTPTCP port 80 (http)TCP port 443 (https)TCP port 3128 (webcache)TCP port 8080 (http_alt)
MAIL (send, receive)TCP port 110 (pop3)TCP port 143 (imap)TCP port 993 (imaps)TCP port 995 (pop3s)TCP port 465 (smtps)TCP port 587 (submission)
NTPUDP port 123 (ntp)
PINGIP protocol 1, type 8 (icmp, echo request)
SSHTCP port 22 (ssh)
VPN (pptp, ipsec)IP protocol 47 (gre)IP protocol 50 (esp)IP protocol 51 (ah)UDP port 500 (isakmp)UDP port 4500 (ipsec-nat-t)UDP port 1194 (openvpn)TCP port 1723 (pptp)TCP port 10000 (ipsec-over-tcp)

For further information
Should you have any problem accessing the eduroam service (when at ICGEB), please send an email to: or phone +39 040 375 7330.
Additional information can be found at:
Eduroam and its logo are TERENA registered trademarks.