recent publications in gene therapy Sept 2023

Recent Scientific Publications

A brief overview of some of the papers published by ICGEB PIs in scientific journals this last quarter:

The results of a European gene therapy clinical trial involving clinicians from France, Italy and the Netherlands have been published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Last author, Dr. Giulia Bortolussi, and the ICGEB Mouse Molecular Genetics Group set the basis for the clinical translation of the trial as one of the founders of the project.

Link to paper: D’Antiga, L., et al. Gene Therapy in Patients with the Crigler-Najjar Syndrome


In The Lancet Reg Health Southeast Asia, Dr. Sujatha Sunil and collaborators have published on new insights into Chikungunya Disease, in a study that sheds Light on how CHIKV impacts patients and offers potential paths to combat the disease. “The study”, says Dr. Sunil, “is a significant step forward in understanding CHIKD. It shows us that our bodies can eventually mount a defence against the virus, but it takes time. It also highlights the role of specific molecules in disease severity and offers a glimpse into how the virus replicates.”

Link to paper: Babu, N., et al. Cytokine profile, neutralisation potential and viral replication dynamics in sera of chikungunya patients in India: a cross-sectional study.

Further reading: Times of India: In a 1st, scientists map how chikungunya affects Indians


Dr. Dinesh Gupta and collaborators have published on Artificial Intelligence in an analysis of lung squamous cell carcinoma gene expression in Computers in Biology and Medicine.

Link to paper: Joon, H.K., Thalor, A., Gupta, D. Machine learning analysis of lung squamous cell carcinoma gene expression datasets reveals novel prognostic signatures


In the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Dr. Jitendra Thakur and collaborators have emphasised the critical need for novel antifungals, publishing on Candida glabrata, the second most common cause of invasive fungal infections, that shows multi-drug resistance.

Link to paper: Waseem, M., et al. Identification of novel inhibitors against Med15a KIX domain of Candida glabrata