Recent ICGEB Scientific Publications

ICGEB Translational Health Group Leader, Ranjan Nanda’s latest publication on the immune response in Tuberculosis patients was selected as the featured cover of the Proteomics Clinical Applications Journal – January edition.

The abstract of the article, “Serum Small Extracellular Vesicles Proteome of Tuberculosis Patients Demonstrated Deregulated Immune Response,” is available on the Wiley Online Library and looks at a set of four important proteins (SERPINA1, KYAT3, HP and APOC3) involved in neutralising bacterial infection, psychotic symptoms, acute immune response and adipose tissue lipolysis.

The Group’s focus is to identify novel marker molecules in diverse study populations and to explore the possibility of developing a point of care TB diagnosis method.

* * *

Challenges and prospects for the research, development and commercialisation of Biopesticides are discussed in a recent publication from the Group headed by Dennis Ndolo at ICGEB Cape Town.

The publication entitled “Research and Development of Biopesticides: Challenges and Prospects”, reflects the outcomes of a meeting organised by ICGEB Cape Town in 2018, bringing together biopesticides practitioners from across the globe to discuss challenges in the field.

The publication concludes, inter alia, that collaboration between biopesticide researchers with industry, farmers, policymakers, government, and other relevant stakeholders remains crucial. It also acknowledges that biopesticides cannot completely substitute chemical pesticides, so efforts and research should also focus on how to incorporate biopesticides into integrated pest management programmes.

ICGEB makes every effort to be responsive to identify the needs of its constituency. This publication will therefore, feed into our engagement strategies with relevant stakeholders to promote the use of biopesticides in agriculture.

The abstract of the article is available at: