Meeting “Protein RNA interaction in cellular regulations”

15 – 17 November 2021, New Delhi, India

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Neel Sarovar Bhavesh (ICGEB New Delhi, India)


Protein-RNA interaction hold key to cellular regulation as it is involved in process since the RNA is born, which carries the genetic information to work, Recent reports suggest that pathogen modulates the transcription machinery both in animals and plants. Further, many viruses carries RNA as their genome and have proteins which specifically make RNA or DNA by interacting its genome. They are attractive target for inhibitor design and discovery. Recent emergence of new strains of RNA viruses has made us to organize this meeting at this particular time.


Splicing and alternate splicing, Transcription regulation, Splicing and alternate splicing, RNA protection and transport, Translation regulation, Stability and localization of RNA, RNA silencing, RNA viruses, Inhibitor design and discovery against RAN interacting protein of viruses.


Senior speakers who have contributed to delineating the role of protein-RNA interaction Researchers. PIs working in the areas of protein-RNA interaction. Post-doctoral fellow. PhD students working in the areas of protein-RNA interaction.

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