Protein expression, purification, analysis and applications in industrial biotechnology

5 – 6 June, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fabian Nigro (Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo en Biotecnología Industrial, Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial – INTI, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Giuliano Degrassi (Industrial Biotechnology Group, IBIOBA-ICGEB, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

In collaboration with:

The course will cover protein overexpression in prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems, protein purification by different chromatographic separation techniques, analytical methods, downstream processing and industrial applications. The participants will be also introduced to bioinformatics tools for determination of physico-chemical behavior of selected proteins. ICGEB Keynote Lectures will be delivered by Dr Guillaime BarbierJoynbio, Davis, California

  • Industrial expression hosts and fermentation.
  • Industrial enzymes: expression and purification challenges.

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