Pasquale MAFFIA

Professor of Cardiovascular Immunology International Lead School of Infection & ImmunitY, Co-Lead Africa-Europe CoRE in Non-Communicable Diseases & Multimorbidity, African Research Universities Alliance ARUA & The Guild, School of Infection & Immunity, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Immune dysregulation in cardiovascular disease – from novel mechanisms to therapeutic targeting

Host: S. Zacchigna

Data from basic science experiments and observational studies in humans are supportive of the causal role of immune-inflammatory response(s) in cardiovascular diseases. The CANTOS, COLCOT, and LoDoCo2 trials have recently demonstrated the potential of targeting inflammation for reducing secondary cardiovascular events. However, still, the adoption of anti-inflammatory therapies in patients with residual inflammatory risk is limited by the risk of impaired host defense. At the same time, technological advances in particular in characterizing molecular heterogeneity at the single-cell level have enabled a deeper understanding of the biological diversity of cells present in the cardiovascular tissues. In this talk, I will discuss key therapeutic targets under investigation in my lab for the treatment of cardiovascular inflammation, placing basic research in a wider global clinical perspective, as well as identifying outstanding questions.


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