The ICGEB is actively engaged in the dissemination of science for the public. Our scientists, staff and students participate in science fairs and events and voluntarily support local, national and international outreach activities, thereby enriching our work, deepening our contribution to the wider society, and aligning our mission to our environment. 

The ICGEB promotes public engagement to communicate science through conferences, such as “Science & the City”, and by taking an active role in joint initiatives, such as Trieste Next, the Italian science fair organised together with the other major science institutes located in Trieste, each September.

Scientists and staff at ICGEB New Delhi participate in the annual India International Science Festival IISF, World Biofuel Day, and other events organised by the Indian Government.

ICGEB Cape Town champions the SA Government’s Outreach and Communication programmes and is present at the Science Forum SFSA each year, as well as National Science Week South Africa, and is a major contributor at BIO Africa.

The ICGEB virtual reality experience

The ICGEB is developing a project to bring students and the broader public closer to science: a journey inside the human body through an immersive virtual reality experience.
Foldscope in South America - photo credit: designboom

Your Donation helps

Procure Foldscopes to introduce school children to the magic of science, as well as training in their use for diagnosing malaria in Malawi

In Italy, our PhD students teach lessons in schools on molecular and cellular genetics through numerous projects, including the “Diffondo” project of AIRH, the Italian Association for Research Prevention and Care and CURIoSA, projects that involve approx. 1000 students each year. ICGEB is one of the founders of ITS Volta, a school that organises high-level, post-diploma specialist courses in technological areas considered to be strategic for economic development and national competitiveness, such as training in biomedical computing and equipment. Read further to visit our labs.

In India, ICGEB runs the Science Setu Program with 13 colleges across India participating in monthly lectures and virtual lab tours.

In South Africa, ICGEB runs a School Outreach Programme.

For further information

Suzanne Kerbavcic
Head, Outreach & Communications
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New Delhi:
Nidhi Datta
Senior Programme Assistant
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Cape Town:
Claudia Russo
PA to the Director & Focal Point: Outreach and External Communications
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