Nolwenn Jouvenet

Friday, 20 July 2018 | 12:00 noon

Viral Genomics and Vaccination, Flavivirus Pathogenesis Group, Institut Pasteur, Paris, FRANCE

Innate immune response induced by flaviviruses

(Host: A. Marcello)

My team and I are exploring flavivirus- host interactions that govern immunity and infection outcome using biochemical, virological and microscopic assays combined with high-throughput screening methods. More specifically, on going projects focus on establishing mechanisms of flavivirus entry into cells, deciphering mechanisms underlying virus-induced innate immunity and inflammation, and revealing the direct interface between the cell and viral proteins whose functions are poorly defined.

By providing a deeper understanding of flavivirus–host cell interactions, we hope to contribute to the development of effective vaccines and therapeutics to combat flavivirus- mediated diseases.