Meeting “Mycobacterial heterogeneity and host tissue-tropism”

11 – 15 February 2020, New Delhi, India

Dhiraj Kumar (ICGEB New Delhi, India)

Deadline for receipt of applications now extended:
10 November 2019

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Despite the DOTS multi-drug treatment regimen in clinical practice for more than two decades, TB continues to be a leading cause of mortality due to infectious diseases. Interestingly, emergent problems of increased incidence of MDR/XDR strains along with the dramatic increase in EPTB cases is creating a challenging scenario for India’s ambition of eliminating TB by 2025. While remarkable scientific insights have been decoded in these last two decades with regard to TB pathogenesis; TB diagnosis and treatment regimens have completely remained insulated from these developments. A feature that has lagged behind in terms of treatment modalities is the role of the host cells and tissues in modulating disease trajectories. In fact, it is now clear that host-pathogen crosstalk is the key determinant influencing the outcome of Mtb infection. Another hidden danger with long-term treatment is of creating an AMR reservoir in the intestinal microbiome of these patients. Increasingly, several studies highlight the links between the microbiota and the immune system of the host. This meeting is an attempt to deliberate on these new paradigms and bring some of these aspects into the mainstream practice providing impetus towards accelerated clinical outcomes.


Clinical Workshop, Phenotypic heterogeneity and persistence, Mycobacterial lifestyle and metabolism in the host microenvironment, Alternate niches of mycobacteria, Host microenvironment and signaling, Systems biology of mycobacterial pathogenesis, Drug resistance in tuberculosis, Mycobacteria and host immunity, Pitch talks by poster presenting students/post-docs


Leading and globally recognized tuberculosis researcher from India and abroad as invited speakers. Clinicians with day-to-day expertise on tuberculosis patients. Graduate students and post-docs, early career investigators for poster presentation and participation.


A limited number of grants will be available for nationals of ICGEB Member States to waive the registration fee and cover twin-share accommodation.

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