Microbial communities for the SDGs

The second video of the ICGEB for the SDGs series highlights the work of the Bacteriology lab in Trieste and how research aims to reach the Zero Hunger goal – SDG2.

Plants host many microbial communities, as do humans in our gut or on our skin. The most interesting and promising bacterial community of plants lives near the roots. These bacteria and the way they communicate with each other and with plants constitute the research topic of Dr. Vittorio Venturi, Group Leader of the Bacteriology lab, at ICGEB Trieste.

Episode 2 in the series “ICGEB for the SGDs” features his research and how it is connected to Sustainable Development. This challenge can be achieved only through alternative solutions, such as those that microbiology can offer. Microbial communities that live together with plants can be used as powerful probiotics. This permits the development of sustainable agricultural without the need for pesticides or fertilizers.

ICGEB for the SDGs is a video series that promotes the Decade of Action of Agenda 2030 of the UN. At ICGEB, we are fully committed to doing our utmost to this end. This video series presents our efforts and our scientists’ vision to reach these goals.