Full Professor, Group Leader, Laboratory of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Deputy Director of First MUG Doctoral School Division of Embryology, Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Gdańsk Gdańsk, POLAND

Advanced technologies in tissue regeneration

Host: S. Zacchigna

Regenerative medicine is a rapidly advancing field that integrates tissue engineering, clinical sciences, and personalized medicine. Recent breakthroughs in biotechnology, genetics, and tissue engineering have paved the way for increasingly effective tissue regeneration strategies. Tissue re- generation can be stimulated through various signaling factors, including growth factors, intelligent biomaterials, and cell therapies. Growth factors and peptides are particularly popular due to their ability to naturally stimulate stem cells within the body. Additionally, these cells can be also stimu- lated through epigenetic modifications. Active compounds can be delivered via various tissue sub- stitute gels, which provide a structural scaffold and intelligently release peptides, growth factors or epigenetic modulators. Furthermore, there has been a surge in clinical trials using stem cells. These cells, when properly expanded in vitro and sometimes genetically modified, can be transplanted into patients. One prominent example of such cells is mesenchymal stromal cells, now often referred to as medicinal signaling cells. These cells are the subject of extensive preclinical and clinical research due to their significant pro-regenerative potential. In conclusion, there are numerous strategies available today for tissue regeneration, and in the future, stem cells hold the potential to become an

effective therapy and an alternative to conventional treatment methods.

Michał Pikuła, MSc, PhD is a Full Professor and group leader at the Laboratory of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Division of Embryology, at the Medical University of Gdansk (MUG), Poland. Prof. Pikuła is also a Deputy Director of the First MUG Doctoral School. He completed his M.Sc. from University of Gdansk (Molecular biology, 2003), M. Pharm. from Medical University of Gdansk (Pharmacy Practice, 2005), and his PhD in medical biology from Medical University of Gdansk (specialty cell biology, 2007). He is a Professor of medical sciences and health sciences (2020). Prof. Pikuła is a specialist in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and experimental dermatology. He is currently responsible for several projects focused on stem cells, wound healing, new biomaterials, and biologically active peptides. Prof. Pikuła also conducts didactic courses for medical students and PhD students of the Medical University of Gdańsk (MUG).

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