Members of the “Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro” AIRC visit the ICGEB labs and speak with the PIs whose valuable research they fund

In the context of the Italian Association for Research on Cancer AIRC’s national campaigns, communication initiatives within the Region, and the scientific publications generated by researchers, AIRC members met with PIs from the ICGEB and visited the laboratories where the AIRC-funded projects are pursued.

Giulia Perani, External Communications, Guido Perelli-Rocco, Gianna Abbatizzi, President and Counselor of the FVG Committee for AIRC, respectively, and Manuela Sorci, Secretary, met with the Principal Investigators pursuing ground-breaking research in the field of cancer.

ICGEB’s PIs constitute 50% of those scientists who operate within the AREA Science Park who receive substantial funding from AIRC. Drs. Serena Zacchigna and Federica Benvenuti, Group Leaders of the Cardiovascular Biology and Cellular Immunology labs respectively, presented their projects to the delegation, which address the questions: “Can poor angiogenic capacity of the heart explain the low rate of primary tumors and metastasis” (Zacchigna), and, “Does lung tumor development suppress the presentation of neo-epitopes by type- dendtritic cells” (Benvenuti)?

Dr. Dimitar Efremov, Group Leader, Molecular Hematology, elucidated his team’s research on novel drugs targeting BCR signals generated by cell-autonomous and cell-extrinsic BCR interactions in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Dr. Lawrence Banks’ team, Tumour Virology, accompanied the AIRC members on a tour of the lab and adjacent facilities. The Group work on the characterisation of the High Risk Human Papillomavirus E6 Oncoproteins and how they drive the development of Human Papillomavirus induced malignancies.

Giulia Perani, AIRC External Communications (right), Guido Perelli-Rocco, President, AIRC FVG Committee and Manuela Sorci, AIRC Secretary with Dimitar Efremov (centre) in his lab at the ICGEB
Giulia Perani (right), Guido Perelli-Rocco, Gianna Abbatizzi and Manuela Sorci from AIRC, with Dimitar Efremov (centre) in his lab at the ICGEB