Thursday, 15 October 2020 | 12:00 noon

Assistant Professor of Immunology and General Pathology, Humanitas University, Milan, ITALY
Group Leader, Adaptive Immunity Laboratory, Humanitas Clinical and Research Center, Milan, ITALY

Roles of T cells in pregnancy and their consequences for cardiovascular and oncological pathology

(Host: S. Zacchigna)

Cardiovascular disease and cancer are key causes of morbidity and mortality, creating an urgent clinical need to develop novel therapeutic approaches. Recent data increasingly suggest that inflammation and immune responses are implicated in the pathogenesis of many of these disorders.
We are interested in deciphering the interactions between the adaptive immune system and different tissues during disease pathogenesis, from a systemic down to molecular level. We then utilize the findings to attempt innovative therapeutic strategies for cardiovascular disease, cancer and their intersecting conditions (tumor immunotherapy-related cardiotoxicity).