Manu Prakash, inventor of Foldscope, with ICGEB Cape Town

On 26 February 2020, ICGEB’s Mariet Wium, Dada Temilola and Nathan Kieswetter joined Manu Prakash – inventor of Foldscope – and researchers from the University of Cape Town and North West University at Spine Road High School in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, to run a Foldscope workshop.

“Really inspirational to be part of today’s Foldscope workshop with Manu Prakash at Spine Road High School in Cape Town.” The ICGEB team were delighted to share their experiences with the inventor of Foldscope from Stanford University.

Together at the Cape Town school, a 2-hour long, hands-on workshop brought the magic of Foldscope – the paper microscope championing curiosity and excitement of scientific exploration – to the young, dynamic and curious Science students. They folded and constructed their own Foldscopes and enthusiastically explored the microcosm of the Indian Ocean from samples collected from a beach nearby.

Science engagement and curiosity at its best.

‘It’s not about what others discover, it’s what you discover’ – Dr Manu Prakash