Trieste, Italy – Headquarters

More than 200 people representing some 30 nationalities work in the laboratories in Trieste, which cover an area of approx. 8000 sq metres. The ICGEB Trieste Component provides a scientific and educational environment of the highest standard and is fully equipped to undertake modern molecular and cellular biology research. Currently, 18 Research Groups operate out of ICGEB Trieste. Scientific activity at the Labs focus on advanced projects in current biomedical research.

Research programmes include basic science projects such as control of gene expression, DNA replication, DNA repair and RNA processing; studies on human viruses such as HIV, HPV and rotavirus, molecular immunology, neurobiology, molecular genetics, experimental haematology and human gene therapy. The research programmes of each Group are periodically evaluated through site visits involving international panels of scientists with specific expertise in the respective fields, whose recommendations are reported to the ICGEB Scientific Council. The research activities of the ICGEB Trieste laboratories are also supported by a large number of grants awarded from various international funding agencies. 

AREA Science Park
Padriciano 99
34149 Trieste, ITALY
Tel: +39-040-37571
Fax: +39-040-226555
[email protected]

Scientific Faculty

Vittorio Venturi

Biotechnology Development    
Natasa Skoko

Cancer Cell Signalling
Giannino Del Sal

Cardiovascular Biology   
Serena Zacchigna

Cellular Immunology 
Federica Benvenuti

Computational Biology
Silvano Piazza

Functional Cell Biology
Luca Braga

Human Molecular Genetics    
Franco Pagani

Industrial Biotechnology   
Giuliano Degrassi

Molecular Hematology
Dimitar Efremov

Molecular Medicine   
Mauro Giacca

Molecular Pathology   
Emanuele Buratti

Molecular Virology
PhD Course Coordinator    
Alessandro Marcello

Mouse Molecular Genetics    
Andrés F. Muro

Protein Networks    
Michael P. Myers

Regulatory Science    
Wendy Craig

RNA Biology   
Marco Baralle

Tumour Virology   
Lawrence Banks

Emeritus Senior Scientist
Oscar Burrone



Lawrence Banks, PhD
Director-General, ICGEB
Head, Tumour Virology Group
Tel: +39-040-3757328, Fax: +39-040-3757380

E-mail: [email protected]
PEC Struttura: [email protected]

Raffaella Agosti, Personal Assistant to the Director-General, Tel: +39-040-3757374
E-mail: [email protected]

Marella Prata, Senior Administrative Assistant

Advisers to the Director-General

Andrew Ingram, Internal Auditor

Giusto Sciarabba, Senior Advisor to the Director-General

Luciana Zanier
Senior Advisor to the Director-General
Tel: +39-040-3757327, Fax: +39-040-3757380
E-mail: [email protected]

Communications, Public Information & Outreach

Suzanne Kerbavcic, Head, Communications, Public Information & Outreach
Tel: +39-040-3757315
E-mail: [email protected]

Marella Prata, Graphic Design Manager

Diego Soldano,
Multimedia and Science Knowledge Transfer Expert

Fabio De Pascale,
Communications Consultant

Tijana Delic, Junior Consultant

External Relations

Marianna Maculan, Chief, External Relations
Tel: +39-040-3757216, Fax: +39-040-3757380
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]

Tijana Delic, Junior Consultant

Fundraising, TT & Innovation

Martina Viviani, Fundraising, Technology Transfer & Innovation Officer
Tel: +39-040-3757365, Fax: +39-040-226555
E-mail: [email protected]

Simona Russo, Knowledge Transfer Manager 

Claire Poletto,
Project Assistant

Scientific Coordination

Vittorio Venturi,
Group Leader, Bacteriology
Tel: +39-040-3757319, Fax: +39-040-226555
E-mail: [email protected]

Legal & Administration

Maria Luisa Fichera, Chief, Legal & Administration
Tel: +39-040-3757345, Fax: +39-040-3757363
E-mail: [email protected]

Chiara Garbero, Administrative Assistant
E-mail: [email protected]

ICGEB Research Grants – CRP
& Fellowships

Barbara Argenti, Head, CRP & Fellowship Programmes
Tel: +39-040-3757382, Fax: +39-040-226555
E-mail: [email protected]

Sandra Nigris, Programme Clerk

Meetings & Courses

Elisabetta Lippolis Calci, Head, Meetings & Courses Unit
Tel: +39-040-3757332, Fax: +39-040-226555
E-mail: [email protected]

Chiara Alberti, Programme Assistant

Roberta Venturin, Programme Clerk

Financial Services

Franco Giacomin
Chief, Financial Services

Sanjay Pahwa, Budget and Financial Reporting Expert


Barbara Steffe’ Busdon, Senior Accountant

Barbara Leggieri, Accounts Assistant

Lisa Sessi, Senior Accounts Assistant

Alessia Moimas, Accounts Assistant

Marianna Saccà, Accounts

External Funds Administration

Claudia La Macchia, Head, External Funds Administration

Marianna Saccà, External Funds Clerk

HR & Personnel

Margaret Otukile,
Human Resources Officer

Françoise Misiti, Social Security Expert

Ivana Bocci, HR & Personnel Assistant

Tiziana Feriani, HR & Personnel Assistant

Barbara Tamaro, HR & Personnel Assistant

Désirée Tomaselli, HR & Personnel Assistant


Nerina Brandolin, Head, Procurement Unit

Linda Casseler, Procurement Assistant

Maristella Coglievina, Research Technician

Chiara Villanovich, Procurement Assistant

Antonio Tommasini, Administrative Clerk

IT Service

Robert Cultrara
Head, IT Unit

Fabio Bonaccorso, IT Assistant

Virginia Sandini
IT Assistant (Support specialist)

Safety & Technical Services

Willy Doz, Head, Technical Services

Marco Vegliach, Safety Assistant

Nadia Cendach, Administrative Assistant

Mirella Dell’Oste, Technician
Tina Kralj, Technician

Fabiana Leuz, Technician

Dario Pippan, Technician

Francesco Stefani, Technician

Patrizia Zori, Technician

BioExperimentation Facility

Stefano Artico, Technician

Piero Demarchi, Technician

Manuel Godina, Technician