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Main fields covered: Molecular and cellular biology, molecular pathology, human genetics, immunology, bacteriology, microbiology, virology, protein structure and function, proteomics, biotechnology, biocomputing and biosafety
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Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers - Human Gene Therapy Free Trial


ICGEB in collaboration Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers, is providing complementary trial access to the cutting-edge journal Human Gene Therapy from September 15 through October 31, 2017 - NEW DATE!

Human Gene Therapy is the only peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the human aspect of gene therapy, providing comprehensive, end-to-end coverage of the research, methods, and clinical developments that are driving today's explosion of gene therapy advances. We invite you to browse all three parts of the journal online through October 31st.

Authors at ICGEB have contributed valuable articles to Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. journals, in recent years. The following Human Gene Therapy article was contributed by colleagues at your institution.

Life-Long Correction of Hyperbilirubinemia with a Neonatal Liver-Specific AAV-Mediated GeneTransfer in a Lethal Mouse Model of Crigler–Najjar Syndrome  Read now

Giulia Bortolussi, Lorena Zentillin, Jana Vaníkova, Luka Bockor, Cristina Bellarosa, Antonio Mancarella, Eleonora Vianello, Claudio Tiribelli, Mauro Giacca, Libor Vitek, Andrés F. Muro


Top read articles include:

Future of rAAV Gene Therapy: Platform for RNAi, Gene Editing, and Beyond  Read now

Paul N. Valdmanis, Mark A. Kay


Recombinant Adeno-Associated Viral Integration and Genotoxicity: Insights from Animal Models  Read now

Randy J. Chandler, Mark S. Sands, Charles P. Venditti


Adeno-Associated Virus-Based Gene Therapy for CNS Diseases   Read now

Michaël Hocquemiller, Laura Giersch, Mickael Audrain, Samantha Parker, Nathalie Cartier


Universal Real-Time PCR for the Detection and Quantification of Adeno-Associated Virus Serotype 2-Derived Inverted Terminal Repeat Sequences  Read now

Christine Aurnhammer, Maren Haase, Nadine Muether, Martin Hausl, Christina Rauschhuber, Ingrid Huber, Hans Nitschko, Ulrich Busch, Andreas Sing, Anja Ehrhardt, Armin Baiker


Take advantage of this complementary trial access to Human Gene Therapy and sign up to receive alerts for just published articles and journal news.

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