Lawrence Banks

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My lab, Tumour Virology, focuses on Human Papillomaviruses and the mechanisms by which these viruses cause cancer development.

HPVs are the causative agents of a number of human tumours, including cervical cancer, which is a major cause of cancer related death in women in many parts of the world.

In July this year, we were pleased to hold the 50th Anniversary edition of the DNA Tumour Virus Meeting in Trieste, with 300 participants from 36 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia. John Schiller, world leader in DNA Tumour Virus research and co-inventor of the HPV vaccine, was present to discuss the future challenges in cancer therapy and the important role of vaccination in cancer prevention, particularly for Hepatitis and HPV associated malignancies.

The pursuit of basic research remains fundamental and continues to have an immense impact on human health, as in agriculture, where most of the major advances have been the direct result of basic scientific research. We look forward to raising awareness of our results, our skills and the unique nature of our Organisation through this medium, and the way we operate to improve the lives of people living in desperate situations across the globe.

ICGEB’s Lawrence Banks was in Nairobi to hold an Awareness Workshop, including Grant writing and insight into the activities of the ICGEB that aim to drive innovation and build potential.