Division of Plant Sciences, University of Dundee at the James Hutton, Institute, Cell and Molecular Sciences, The James Hutton Institute Scotland, UK

Applications of 3D RNA-seq in gene expression and alternative splicing in plants, human and animals

Host: M. Barelle

RNA Sequencing (RNA-seq) is a powerful tool for medicine, agriculture and the

environment. It measures changes in gene expression (transcriptomics) allowing the

identification of key genes involved in human disease and development, improved

food production and environmental impacts on organisms. We have developed tools

to analyse RNA-seq data. The 3D RNA-seq App identifies differentially expressed

genes and transcripts, differentially alternatively spliced genes, differential transcript

usage and isoform switching. The program is very flexible and able to handle pairwise

comparisons (e.g. treated vs normal cells) and complex experimental designs. We

describe the use of 3D RNA-seq and other programs to analysis RNA-seq data from

human, mouse and Arabidopsis.


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