Associate Professor of Immunology , Targeted Lung Immunotherapy, Neonatology, Elizabeth Gareth Anderson Institute for Women’s Health, Faculty of Population Health Sciences, University College London, UK

Tuesday, 3 May 2022 | 2:00 PM – ICGEB SOUTH AFRICA

Surfactant Protein D – a natural immunomodulator?

Host: G. Schäfer

This talk will review the immunomodulatory functions of the innate immunity protein Surfactant Protein D and the development of a recombinant fragment for immunotherapeutic purposes.
Surfactant protein D (SP-D), and its sister protein SP-A, are soluble innate immune molecules which maintain lung homeostasis through their dual roles as anti-infectious and immunomodulatory agents. SP-A and SP-D bind numerous viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, enhancing their clearance from mucosal points of entry and modulating the inflammatory response. They also have diverse roles in mediating innate and adaptive cell functions and in clearing apoptotic cells, allergens and other noxious particles. A recombinant fragment of human SP-D has been developed and shown to have many of the same anti- inflammatory properties as native SP-D and is currently progressing into a phase I safety “first in human”trial.


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