January is Cervical Cancer Awareness month

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness month

Director-General, Dr. Lawrence Banks sends a clear message to contribute to raise Cervical Cancer Awareness.

To raise cervical cancer awareness, the Tumour Virology Group, headed by Dr. Lawrence Banks, conducts outreach activities across the globe. Today, over 5% of all cancers are caused by Human Papillomaviruses, even though a good vaccine is available.

“Get screened, get vaccinated.”

Dr. Lawrence Banks

ICGEB strengthens research capability through comprehensive training programmes and by promoting biotechnology internationally. “We run annual scientific meetings on the topic around the globe, regularly host international seminars for the student body.” Comments Dr. Banks, and adds: “Most importantly, public engagement and raising awareness is integral to the mission of the ICGEB. We do our utmost to raise cercival cancer awareness through our activities.”

This month, on Tuesday, 17 January, we host a seminar by Prof. Paul F. Lambert, Director of the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research and Chair of Oncology at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, WI, USA.

Later this month, Lawrence Banks will be at NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE, to give a seminar on Human Papillomaviruses: From Infectious Entry to Malignancy.

Dr. Om Basukala from Nepal, has completed his PhD in the Tumour Virology lab and pursues his research to understand if the oncogenes that cause the cancer are important for carcinogenesis. In the following video he outlines his research.

Dr. Om Basukala, Nepal, explains his research journey on HPV